Meditation Teacher Training Retreat

Meditation Teacher Training Retreat


FULL PRICE $1,580.00 AUD


Explore Meditation, Philosophy and Self

This 50Hr retreat-style training program will offer you the opportunity to explore meditation techniques based on deep inner science and to gain an understanding of methods for teaching them to others. You will also enjoy asana classes and philosophy sessions with senior Mark Breadner and benefit from time to relax at Gaia Oasis Resort, North Bali.

You will also learn methods to effectively guide and teach others. The program is a combination of practical classes and theoretical sessions plus time to reflect and integrate the knowledge and your experiences in the beautiful tropical seaside grounds of Gaia Oasis.

This 50Hr training will provide you with the skills to add meditation techniques to your teaching tools and it will also offer you the time to explore your own direct understanding of meditation and philosophy. Be guided by Mark in a variety of meditation anchored in deep science of Inner experience


  • Meditation techniques and teaching methods
  • Yoga as a science of meditation
  • Establishing pranayama that leads us to meditation
  • Kriya yoga practice - refining and activating inner energies
  • The Physiological and Psychological effects of meditation
  • Raja Yoga minimising distractions and settling the mind
  • Goal of Yoga Sutra’s 1 to 4
  • Yogic physiology- understanding the koshas and us being multi-level beings

YogaCoach Meditation Teacher Training course is suitable for

  • Yoga teachers of any level
  • Those wishing to become yoga teachers
  • Life coaches
  • Personal trainers
  • Sport coaches
  •  Anyone who would like to teach meditation to individuals or groups.


Participants receive a certificate of completion that can be counted as 50Hr towards 350Hr or 500Hr of YogaCoach training pathways. Hours can be counted as CPD (Continuous Professional Development) as required by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia